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How Excessive Is the “King James Solely” Motion?

How Excessive Is the “King James Solely” Motion?

The so-called “King James Solely” motion has some extremes which vary from harmful to blasphemous.

One KJV extremist has taken it upon himself and his committee to translate the KJV into Russian, with out referring to the Hebrew and Greek texts from which the Bible originate.

So now, we are going to take an English Bible that was translated from a Greek textual content, and translate the English, not the unique Greek, into different languages!

Manner too far, people, manner too far. Let the students of the nations translate from the Greek manuscripts straight, with out the “profit” of KJV errors… which do abound, although they’re minor and don’t have an effect on one’s salvation or development.

One other excessive of KJV-onlyism is downright hatred of these different Bibles and their readers.

Hating and burning non-KJV Bibles is in vogue in some quarters. Jonathan Shelley of Stedfast Baptist Church is on document as having preached a sermon referred to as “Folks I Hate.”

Says Jonathan, “Your Bible would not have thees and thous? Burn it! It is a Bible BBQ.”

Burn a Bible? Why no Christian would do this, you say. Not in enlightened Western civilization. Solely Muslims or Hindus, or Nazis, or Antifa, or…

No, no. Not simply in different lands. Not simply in our Portland, Oregon.

This pastor Shelley has an annual Bible burning at his church, now referred to as “Pure Phrases” Baptist Church. Sure, he invitations all through an web video, to collect up all false Bibles and produce them to church on a given Sunday. He’ll educate the “reality” about all these Bibles, then the delighted people will sit and watch the Phrase of God go up in flames as they sit and eat s’mores across the Bible-provided campfire.

Unsure what number of different church buildings approve of such a follow. Unsure if there are others which will even do it themselves. However my coronary heart is ripped out in anguish over one calling himself a person of God who would dare such a contemptible act.

That is precisely what occurred to the Bibles of the Center Ages, when Rome reigned over the hearts of males. What reigns over the hearts of those Unbiased Fundamentalist Baptists, I’m wondering? Worry? Custom? Hatred?

False instructing, for certain. Might God have mercy on “Pastor” Shelley in that Day, and on all who desecrate Scripture.

The KJV motion was not at all times “-only” primarily based. Nice unbiased Baptists decried the thought within the early years. Take into account John R. Rice, no light-weight amongst fundamentalists:

Rice believed that “the assorted translations include, collectively, the everlasting, unchangeable Phrase of God… An ideal translation of the Bible is humanly inconceivable… there aren’t any good translations. God doesn’t encourage specific translations” (Our God-Breathed Ebook-The Bible, 1969, 376).

There have been others.

Then got here Ruckman. Peter Ruckman’s excessive instructing that the King James was not solely an impressed translation, but additionally God’s newly-inspired phrase that could possibly be used to right the Greek textual content itself (!) was a part of a package deal of unusual views that catapulted the KJVO motion into pointless division and separation. The Cult had arrived.

Males like Ruckman and Jack Hyles have been troubled with the concept that evangelicals nonetheless espouse, that “solely the autographs”, that’s the authentic writings of Scripture, are impressed.

In response to that, earlier than we transfer on, I have to add that if the “authentic autographs are impressed” doctrine isn’t true, then all of the individuals from the second century till 1611 had no Bible.

Hyles and firm would have us consider that no true translation of the Bible from the times of the apostles till the times of the KJV translators, existed. Why these poor impoverished saints of 1,500 years!

Even the reformers and the English with their Coverdale and Genevan and Bishops’ Bibles have been all hopelessly misplaced, studying a Bible that was from the enemy of their soul and worthy to be burned.

Ruckman, Hyles, Jack Chick (and his inheritor), are among the few voices which have fired up a mess of falsenesses and induced brother to return in opposition to brother needlessly. Might their tribe lower.

And simply how widespread is the KJVO phenomenon? There are almost 7,000 congregations worldwide which can be listed as “KJV Unbiased Fundamentalist Baptist” church buildings. Over 5,000 are in the US.

However this “doctrine” isn’t restricted to the IFB folks. Members of different manufacturers of Baptist fellowships, together with the older Pentecostal teams, Mormons, Episcopalians (as a result of derived from the church of England/Anglican), Presbyterian church buildings, Bible church buildings, and different people sprinkled all through Christendom, will proudly maintain up their KJV in your face and condemn you when you can’t match their gesture.

We should repeat, that not all who love the KJV are KJV-only, to whom this treatise is addressed. However too many are…

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How Excessive Is the “King James Solely” Motion?



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