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Keep Away From MTV – The Absolute Worst Music Movies Ever

Keep Away From MTV – The Absolute Worst Music Movies Ever

The appearance of music movies has actually been a fantastic factor for the tradition trade. Everybody from Michael Jackson to 9 Inch Nails to REM has ensured that with their contributions to the artwork of music video making, this artwork kind will not be dying out any time quickly. However in fact identical to there are good and dangerous songs, there are additionally good and dangerous music movies.

Really greater than dangerous, there are actually, actually horrible music movies. And a number of the greatest artists of our time and of yesteryears have been responsible of constructing a couple of horrible music movies of their careers. Listed here are a number of the absolute worst in music video making historical past:

– David Hasselhoff: These two phrases say all of it. No want to say any songs, or to cite liner notes, or to recollect his total discography. This man’s run as a recording artist spawned a number of the most horrible music movies recognized to man, lady and baby. Songs like ‘Hooked On A Feeling’ are a number of the most laughable moments in tv historical past. The truth that he is likely one of the most profitable recording artists in Germany makes it even scarier.
– Journey: Although probably the most profitable rock teams of the final a long time, Journey has been recognized to provide some dangerous music movies themselves. When you have been ever a fan of over obsessed rock music fanatics who often make fools out of themselves referred to as air guitarists, then you definitely’ll love Journey’s ‘Separate Methods’ with a vengeance. The band make it a degree to passionately play devices that are not even there {that a} touching video turns into completely hilarious.
– Alanis Morissette: The poster woman for offended, feminine pop-rock was recent from her hit album ‘Jagged Little Tablet’ when her follow-up album’s new single ‘India’ hit the airwaves that includes a unadorned Alanis strolling across the streets and socializing. Usually a video with a unadorned and delightful superstar would excite plenty of male followers, however the idea was so loony that it ended up fairly dangerous and quite humorous.

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Keep Away From MTV – The Absolute Worst Music Movies Ever


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