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Machine Translation: Capabilities and Limitations

Machine Translation: Capabilities and Limitations

As of at present, machine translation (MT) can nonetheless be outlined because the holy grail of computational linguistics. Whereas plain that this self-discipline has seen a big progress within the final decade (particularly with the introduction of statistical strategies), translation between morphologically-rich languages stays a particularly difficult process. Statistical MT tries to generate translations by way of statistical procedures primarily based on enormous bilingual textual content corpora.

There may be usually confusion between the phrases “computer-aided translation” and “machine translation”. Machine translation is an automated course of that may all the time return a translation consequence for any given supply textual content, typically one that’s helpful, fairly often one that doesn’t match the context, and in some instances even a direct copy of the supply textual content (each time the interpretation can’t be resolved). Pc-aided translation is, however, the commonest sort of human translation, whereby a human linguist takes care of the interpretation course of utilizing laptop software program that’s particularly designed to help and facilitate this process. There’s a third idea gaining relevance in the previous couple of years: “postediting.” This method goals to assemble the perfect virtues of each modes by enhancing an automated translation with a certain quantity of handbook enhancing.

Since automated translation interprets texts with out assistance from skilled translators or native audio system who can discern the nuances and affect of context, you will need to do not forget that the accuracy and appropriateness of the outcomes shouldn’t be assured. Human language is filled with ambiguities, exceptions, performs on phrases, refined expressions, errors, and logical associations that computer systems can not deal with (a minimum of in 2011).

All this mentioned, there are good issues to say about machine translation. In sure situations, it may be ample to get an imprecise translation that reveals what the textual content is about with out all the things being translated accurately. And, on the similar time, there are circumstances the place it may be extra vital to get the consequence directly than to get an excellent translation. One simple technique to perceive what these methods can supply is by having them translate into your native language.

Some great benefits of machine translation in comparison with the work of human translators may very well be summarized as: price, velocity and mathematical consistency.

Firms contemplating utilizing machine translation ought to spend an inexpensive period of time evaluating its capabilities and limitations, and assessing its custom-made implementation of their every day workflow. If you’re contemplating adopting machine translation in your workflow, it’s advisable to debate your plans with knowledgeable translation or localization firm.

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Machine Translation: Capabilities and Limitations



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