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Psychological Well being Therapist and Counselor – Dynamic Psychotherapy By means of Dream Translation

Psychological Well being Therapist and Counselor – Dynamic Psychotherapy By means of Dream Translation

I grew to become an skilled on dream translation in keeping with the scientific technique found by Carl Jung as a result of I used to be cured from a severe neurosis. My neurosis would absolutely turn into schizophrenia. I had inherited an excessive amount of absurdity into the wild aspect of my conscience.

After discovering sound psychological well being, I managed to proceed Jung’s analysis. Nevertheless, the unconscious thoughts obliged me to treatment many individuals via dream remedy for 20 years earlier than publishing my work.

I needed to simplify Carl Jung’s sophisticated technique of dream interpretation and remodel it into a quick technique of on the spot translation from photographs into phrases. In any other case, the world would not have the ability to discover salvation like me. Jung’s technique was too complicated and time consuming.

I cured many individuals completely freed from cost, like a nun. I used to be additionally passing via a technique of religious purification. I needed to sacrifice my time and abandon my very own obligations in an effort to present them assist.

Their insufferable issues had been very severe. They suffered from extreme psychological sicknesses, or they had been victims of tragic conditions.

I needed to give them my assist on a regular basis, and never solely on occasion, like widespread psychiatrists or psychologists do. I needed to go to their homes, meet the opposite members of their household, reside with them for some time, or be with them for a lot of hours and days per week, whereas passing via numerous life experiences with them. I used to be continually observing their reactions, and serving to them in all fields of their lives.

My psychotherapy is completely completely different from the chilly and detached psychotherapy you’re used to. There’s a spiritual aspect in my work, moreover the scientific one.

All psychological sicknesses are cured after we obey the unconscious steerage. This occurs as a result of the unconscious thoughts is the voice of divine windfall. In different phrases, the unconscious thoughts is God’s thoughts.

I am a psychological well being therapist and counselor who works primarily based on a dynamic psychotherapy via dream translation. On the similar time, I am a nun who helps you purify your spirit and consider in goodness.

You possibly can ship me your goals for an in depth skilled dream translation and free psychotherapy after my translations, or simply for a quick interpretation. I’ll instantly translate your goals for you, relating this info to your private life. You may perceive what you must do in an effort to clear up your fundamental issues.

I may say that 80% of the goals I obtain for translation every single day are primarily based on love relationships, or one way or the other associated to the dreamer’s emotions.

Different individuals ship me their goals for translation as a result of they undergo from a extreme psychological sickness, however they can’t discover assist anyplace. Solely the scientific technique of dream interpretation may help everybody with out distinctions.

The dream messages clearly disclose to all dreamers what is going on with the individual they love, exhibiting them many particulars concerning the particular individual’s character. The knowledge given in goals helps all dreamers keep away from dangerous relationships, or keep away from conflicts.

The dream messages additionally clarify why somebody suffers from unexplained signs. The imaginative and prescient now we have via dream translation helps us perceive why all issues are generated, and the way they are often solved.

You’ll abandon the narrow-minded concepts of your historic time if you’ll study the that means of your personal goals. Your goals prevent psychological stability, offer you extraordinary mind energy, and allow you to discover genuine happiness in life. Nothing might be in comparison with this particular data. You obtain the appropriate steerage, with out going through frustrations. You physician is the saintly unconscious thoughts that is aware of every little thing.

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Psychological Well being Therapist and Counselor – Dynamic Psychotherapy By means of Dream Translation



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