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Research in Consciousness: The Reality Is a Manifestation of All Potential Worlds at All Occasions

Research in Consciousness: The Reality Is a Manifestation of All Potential Worlds at All Occasions

One of many secrets and techniques of writing is you could create a compelling argument for absolutely anything in any respect. No matter its logic, truthfulness or reality absolutely anything may be created as verification to justify a viewpoint or a manipulation of actuality.

Clearly this has relevance to virtually each topic beneath the solar. However nowhere is it extra prevalent and proliferating than within the areas of spirituality and consciousness. Lengthy the province of charlatans, mystics, scientists and non secular zealots alike, the spiritual-consciousness area is peppered with half-truths and unprobed beliefs. Partly of necessity, as a result of the visitors of which means between the non secular and the fabric realms is unreliable at finest. However partly additionally as a result of folks like the reality to agree with them, to assist them of their self-interest they usually like to speak concerning the factor that pursuits them most: themselves.

The reality nonetheless is much less partisan or preferential. It’s actually strictly talking, at the very least spiritually, impersonal. Let’s take a number of common, however nonetheless misguided, beliefs from the Thoughts-Physique-Spirit (a.ok.a. the New Age) area and look critically at what they’re actually saying:

1. Solely consciousness creates the world.

Every little thing is consciousness. It does not create something, it already is every thing that’s, or shouldn’t be. Each pre-manifestation and post-manifestation, vacancy and all posible potential. So consciousness doesn’t create the world, it’s self-sourcing, it’s the actual world!

2. There’s a new non secular educating that permits folks to rescue themselves and mankind.

Folks don’t want rescuing, neither does mankind. Each must see themselves for who and what they are surely, then no rescue is required or acceptable. The concept of a brand new spiritualiy that saves or rescues is a major instance of taking a relative theme like heroism and drama and changing into non secular phrases, although it does not work, as a result of it’s not related.

3. Our perception within the fallacy of the existence of the target bodily actuality that doesn’t rely upon consciousness is limiting.

The idea in present objects is simply limiting when we don’t see the world because it actually is, a mirrored image of absolutely the and all objects that come up in consciousness solely. This gobbledy-gook is common, maybe stemming from the favored concept that maya equals phantasm or that samsara shouldn’t be Nirvana or no matter. Learn extra deeply into your individual faith: maya is a relative reflection of the divine on the planet of time and area.

4. Solely the consciousness of a human being comprises all components of existence. The consciousness of a human being is similar undifferentiated consciousness that exists in, by and outdoors, and pervades all of existence and all present objects of this and some other time. The good sages are levellers, they insult our vanity and complacency. This consciousnes that I come up inside as an individuated kind is precisely the identical — precisely the identical — because the consciousness of a canine or a stone — why? As a result of there is just one consciousness.

5. Alter human consciousness as a result of it consists of all different components; if an individual have been to make use of the data, the world about us would change crucially.

Consciousness of a human being or anything consists of all components. This already crucially influences the world; there isn’t any must instruct folks in how to do that, merely assist them to see what they’re creating already!

6. Understanding how you can attain harmonic growth along with the universe permits us to have a more healthy bodily physique and happier life, and the world will develop accordingly.

When a human being is over-concerned with well being, happiness and concord, they inevitably miss the bigger level which is that the world, like human beings and every thing else, arises and subsides in consciousness. Since all this, from the viewpoint of actuality, i.e. the place we actually are, is occurring concurrently, non secular evolution and harmonic growth are strictly talking merely relative phrases with no actual relevance to the non secular, transcendent and divine. To play with the incidence of synchronicity and convergence for the sake of self-interest carries its personal penalties and perils. However most significantly, whenever you grow to be concerned in it, you miss the principle level of psychological and non secular endeavor, which is the seek for the reality which is considerably extra expansive than these materials and quasi-spiritual issues.


7. Every little thing round us — the earth, the solar, area, Nature, folks and objects — are primarily based on the construction of our consciousness, which incorporates the consciousness of the Creator. After we uncover what the spirit and consciousness is, we are able to handle our state of being, we are able to construct the world and management each artistic motion and manifest outcomes.

However this is what we doing already! Moreover, does the earth, the solar and so on. actually exist round us? Are they no more actually in us (from the viewpoint of particular person psychology)? Or from a deeper fact are these manifestations and us probably not the identical factor, i.e. consciousness? Does consciousness have a construction? How can the All actually have a construction? If it did would not the world be rational and cheap and make sense? Slightly than be unsure, irrational, arbitrary and random? Do we actually need to management (what? We’re all consciousness!) and manifest outcomes once we are already doing exactly that, with out being conscious of how and what and why and once we are manifesting something? In any case what can we imply by outcomes — this world, the reality, is a manifestation of all attainable worlds always ready for us to witness and grow to be one with it.

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Research in Consciousness: The Reality Is a Manifestation of All Potential Worlds at All Occasions


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