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Suggestions For Introducing Two Cats

Suggestions For Introducing Two Cats

Including a brand new member to your feline household is normally extra thrilling for you than your present cat. Although they’re solitary by nature, most cats finally study to just accept or not less than tolerate newcomers. As a result of they’re very territorial, the way in which you go about introducing the brand new cat to your present cat can imply the distinction between success or “cat-astrophe.”

The introduction course of can take as little as 10-12 days for kittens and really younger cats, to so long as 12 weeks for older cats. All of it is dependent upon every cat’s character. You’ll want to give your “first” cat loads of consideration. This may assist him really feel safe that he’s not in competitors on your affection.

Confine your new cat to a “protected” room till the introduction course of is full. This ought to be a small room, reminiscent of a rest room or small bed room that your present cat not often visits. Furnish it with a mattress, scratching publish, meals, water and litter field.

At first, your first cat could hiss and yowl on the cat on the opposite facet of the door. Simply ignore him and stroll away. By no means punish him for vocalizing aggressively, it should solely trigger hassle between the 2 cats. You’ll want to reward and pet your first cat when he acts calmly when close to the brand new cat’s room.

After a couple of days, take a rag or washcloth and rub it over your new cat as you pet and play along with her. Use a unique rag to do the identical factor together with your first cat. At feeding time, put every cat’s scented rag below the opposite cat’s bowl. This may assist them affiliate the opposite cat’s scent with one thing positive-food. A lot of little feedings every day will assist them get used to the odor extra shortly. You’ll want to renew the scent on the rags every day.

Subsequent, you’ll be able to feed them in nearer proximity. Hold your new cat in her “protected” room with the door firmly closed, and place every cat’s dish on their facet of the door. You’ll want to feed them on the identical time. As soon as they each eat with no growling or hissing, you’ll be able to transfer to the following stage of the introduction.

Shut your first cat in a room he likes to frequent, ensuring he has water, some favourite meals and a litter field. Let your new cat out to discover the home. After a couple of hours, put her again in her room and let your first cat out. He’ll in all probability hiss and fuss when he smells one other cat’s scent in HIS territory. Once more, be affected person and reward him when he acts calmly. Repeat this exercise not less than as soon as a day till each cats appear snug.

Earlier than you let the cats have full entry to 1 one other, allow them to come head to head in a protected state of affairs. Use two laborious plastic doorstops to jam the door to the brand new cat’s room open a mere 2-3 inches. Verify that the door cannot be pushed open any additional, and that neither cat can get its head by means of the opening. The article is to present them an opportunity to swat paws at each other and even go nostril to nostril with out the chance for full physique contact. Feed every cat on their respective facet of the door. As soon as they not hiss or growl at each other, you’ll be able to attempt taking part in with each of them in the identical room.

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Suggestions For Introducing Two Cats


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